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Designs Show Downtown Memphis Reconnected With Riverfront

A bird's eye rendering of the Memphis Riverfront Concept (Credit: Studio Gang)

In January, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland announced plans to develop a master concept for the city’s riverfront. His administration launched a task force and solicited $350,000…

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Trump Hasn’t Stopped Familiar Ping-Pong Game on Transit Funding

The United States Congress took another step toward reducing the federal transportation budget and eliminating TIGER grants last week. The House appropriations committee voted 31 to 20 to approve $17.8 billion in fiscal year 2018 discretionary funding for…

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What Color Should You Paint Your Living Room? (10 photos)

The shade you choose to paint your living room walls really comes down to the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. Whether you want a bright, cheerful space, a tranquil haven or a moody and intimate chill-out zone, these gorgeous rooms…

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A Home Unfurls to Embrace the Landscape (13 photos)

Historic homes come preloaded with history and character, but cellular rooms and small windows can leave you feeling confined and enclosed. This addition at the back of a Sydney house built during Australia’s Federation period (1890 to 1915) replaces a…

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In Flint Neighborhood, Vacant Lots Will Soon Bear Fruit

Edna Sabucco, pictured, and the Eastside Franklin Park Neighborhood Association will soon plant fruit trees and vegetables in several vacant lots, above, in their Flint neighborhood. (Photo by Scott Atkinson)

When Edna Sabucco was a teenager, her family moved to…

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