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The Real Importance of Valentine’s Day (3 photos)

Years ago I was shopping with my daughter and being helped by a pleasant young woman. As she and I chatted, a man came into the shop, holding a small bouquet and a card, and stopped at the register.…

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Native Plant Alternatives to Invasive Common Buckthorn (12 photos)

Common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) is one of the most damaging plants to woodlands in the upper Midwest, northern Great Lakes region and New England states. It thrives in the shade of deciduous tree canopies, creating a dense thicket in the…

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Shop Houzz: Save on Outdoor Rugs in Every Color (118 photos)

Add color, define seating areas and warm up your outdoor living room simply by throwing down a rug. Fade-resistant for sunny spots and able to be washed down with a hose, outdoor rugs are perfect for porches, pool decks and…

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